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3 Ways Scalp MicroPigmentation Can Help You With Hair Loss

Based in Austin TX. BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction. The comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss.

You’re interested in Scalp MicroPigmentation, but you’re not sure if it can help you with your specific needs? If this is you, let’s get clear on what SMP is and what it can do for you with hairline restoration, density, and color.

What Is SMP?

Proper Scalp MicroPigmentation is the application of tiny, permanent impressions into the scalp (at the correct depth – the dermis, the second layer of skin), using specialized needle configurations and specialized pigments for a natural-looking result. If applied properly, each impression will look like a hair follicle, creating the illusion of full density of hair on the scalp. It’s an effective solution to hair loss for male-pattern baldness, female-pattern baldness, scarring, and fixing poor SMP (most commonly known as a head tattoo — you can read about the differences between SMP and a head tattoo here).

How Can SMP Help You? 

1 – Hairline Restoration

Male-pattern baldness presents itself in typical patterns — a receding hairline is one of the most common patterns of loss for men. Losing the natural hairline is like losing the frame for the face, it’s critical when considering solutions to hair loss.

Scalp MicroPigmentation restores hairlines with natural-looking impressions at the right location on the scalp. However, it’s important to understand that a skilled technician is critical for this step. Hairline restoration with SMP should be applied differently based on ethnicity, gender, and head shape. It’s important to employ a technician that understands the symmetry in facial and cranial structure. A properly implemented hairline is a design process where you get to partner with your technician and choose your look. When applied correctly, a feathered hairline restoration should appear soft and natural. Conversely, a “crispy” hairline gives the illusion of a clean, sharp, fresh-from-the-barber frame. Both style options (and everything in between) are the result of specialized tools, compounds, and techniques.

2 – Density 

Many who suffer with male-pattern baldness often seek help with hair transplantation surgery. While this is a viable option for some, in truth, hair transplantation surgery is simply relocating the dwindling supply of native hairs to a new location. Hair loss continues despite the surgery and sometimes side effects of the surgery accelerate the hair loss. In all cases, scarring will occur, varying from minimal (in the case of ARTAS FUE) to severe–as seen in many cases of strip (FUT) surgeries.

There is a  new generation of hair transplantation surgery — Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The scarring is minimal compared to the original method of strips and plugs, but the outcome is similar in that the surgery is simply relocating an already dwindling supply of hairs to a new location. Full density isn’t possible through surgery and that’s where SMP comes into play.

3 Ways Scalp MicroPigmentation Can Help You With Hair Loss

SMP offers a safe, non-surgical, permanent solution that delivers a natural-looking hairline with the natural appearance of full density throughout your scalp. Soft, feathered impressions applied with the proper equipment, in the proper place, with a properly trained technician create a beautiful result.

SMP and FUE together? Combining these two techniques can add a degree of dimension and texture that cannot be provided by the 2-dimensional SMP procedure. Surgically texturizing your SMP can work very well when you use the right FUE provider. Ask for our list of preferred FUE providers during your free consultation with a BRAVI hair loss expert.

3 – Pigmentation

If you’re considering a hair tattoo vs. SMP, make sure to read about the differences here. Pigmentation is a critical part of choosing your SMP provider. The quality and color of the pigment will directly determine the result of your SMP. If your provider uses a lower quality pigment, the result could be a blue or green hue instead of the natural color you expect to see.

At BRAVI, we use proprietary pigments that have been formulated for colorfastness. After years of rigorous development and testing we have combined the right pigment components, carriers, and procedure compounds to deliver the right color. It’s scalp-specific and guaranteed to look natural.

Ready to see specific BRAVI results? Ask to speak to a former client during your free consultation or check out our gallery of photos to see the soft, feathered application we stand by at BRAVI.

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