BRAVI HEADFIRST: The Art Of Scalp Care Re-Defined

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction. The comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss - Based in Austin TX.

The Art Of Scalp Care Re-Defined – Scalp MicroPigmentation

As hair loss progresses, scalp needs gradually shift from hair care to skin care. This, combined with fear of accelerating loss, can leave men unsure about how to take care of their heads!

As a result, we are proud to introduce BRAVI HEADFIRST.

Historically, hair loss solutions have ALL caused scalp damage. From surgical scars to chemical damage from hair systems, camouflage products, and even minoxidil—the strategies to conceal hair loss have all resulted in compromised skin health on the scalp. BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation and BRAVI HEADFIRST actually work together to IMPROVE scalp health.

BRAVI 2-Pronged Approach To Improving Scalp Health:

1) Collagen Stimulus Through Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

Having worked with thousands of SMP clients over many years, we have noticed many common themes. One of the most important: BRAVI clients experience a surge in collagen production as a result of the BRAVI SMP process. Invariably, even the most unhealthy and damaged scalps present with healthier skin texture following Scalp MicroPigmentation. Microneedling—a buzz-word in medical aesthetics—cannot hold a candle to the BRAVI procedure when it comes to resurfacing and texture-improvement results.

BRAVI reverses scalp damage as it conceals hair loss.

2) Healthy, Organic And All-Natural Care Products

This pure and simple approach is also what led us to create BRAVI HEADFIRST products. There is no time when a scalp is more vulnerable than right after a Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure. The outer layer of skin is usually the protective barrier, and as mentioned above, during SMP it sustains microneedling. During the critical phase while the outer layer of skin is reforming, only the purest, simplest, most effective formulas can be employed.

Only BRAVI HEADFIRST products cleanse and protect the scalp, calm, and nourish with certified-organic Texas Aloe Vera.


In developing the purest, most nourishing, healthy products for SMP-aftercare, by default, we developed a simple regimen to KEEP scalps healthy and looking their best long-term.


BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation provides an unparalleled illusion of hair follicles at a shaven down level. Often, the ONLY remaining evidence of hair loss is shine: a bounce of light that reflects off of skin. For this reason, BRAVI moisturizers are oil-free, providing superior anti-aging results without shine.

All in all, BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation’s philosophy ABSOLUTELY extends into HEADFIRST products as well—Nothing toxic…just simple, honest, and natural scalp care for the best results.

What can we say, we’re a no BS kinda company!  We love honesty, authenticity, and innovation. That’s exactly why we opened BRAVI in Austin, Texas, among like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, please call 512.201.7404 for ordering information.

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction. The comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss - Based in Austin TX.

To see BRAVI’s Full Gallery of Totally Unedited SMP Results, click here.

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Some Kind Words

Differently the best company I’ve been to overall for my scalp. They are friendly and very knowledgeable on what they do.

– Ector B.

Client Testimonial

Bravi is absolutely amazing! It has changed my life and renewed my confidence.

– Clayton R.

A Happy BRAVI Client!

To the entire staff at Bravi….I adore all of you! Some of the most wonderful and professional women I have ever worked with.

– Micky W.