Head Tattoo Or Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)? There Is A BIG Difference

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Head Tattoo Or Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)? There Is A BIG Difference

Scalp MicroPigmentation And Scalp Tattoo Are Not The Same Thing.  In Fact, Besides The One Thing They Have In Common, They Are Actually Opposites.

This is the only thing that is the same about SMP and tattoo: Both practices permanently embed pigment in the dermis (second layer of skin).

Beyond that, nothing is the same between the two practices.

 Below, we will list some of the dozens of differences between SMP and tattoo.


Key Differences:

1) Location, Color And Size Of Impressions

SMP is all about precision and uniformity in delivering thousands of minute follicle-sized impressions to the scalp. Tattoo is body art achieved by carving non-minute graphics, often multi-colored and brilliant, into the deep skin layers anywhere on the body.

2) Tattoo Is Art Meant To Draw Attention; SMP Should Be Undetectable

Great tattoo artists create stunning artwork, which is good, because tattoo is all about drawing attention. In most cases, tattoo is “peacocking”. A tattoo calls attention, and makes a non-verbal statement—using any desired part of the human body as the canvas.

Do you want your SMP procedure to call attention to the scalp? No!

When you are looking for a subtle, natural-looking hair replacement option, this is a vital distinction. Tattoo literally has the OPPOSITE intention of SMP. SMP, done properly is not ADORNMENT.  It is an UNDETECTABLE illusion meant to keep the eyes of observers looking right past it and on to the facial features.

We have no problem with artistic expression or peacocking—we find it delightful!  However, when people refer to SMP as “hair tattoo”, “scalp tattoo”, “or “head tattoo”, we cannot help but bristle.  As experts in SMP, what BRAVI does is the opposite of tattoo; We take great pride in producing a visual result that no one will NOTICE.

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 3) Significant Technical Differences

Expert-level SMP equipment, needles, lasers, pigment, as well the prep and post-care products are significantly different from tattoo.  At BRAVI, we pioneered and refined these products and methods. By extension, the training, skills, and experience required to perform SMP successfully is totally different from that of a tattoo artist or permanent cosmetics provider.


4) Tattoo Artists/Permanent Cosmetic Technicians Are Not SMP Experts

BRAVI Technical Staff are not tattoo artists, and we are not permanent makeup technicians—We are SMP Experts!  As a well documented SMP Pioneer, BRAVI’s Founder is certified in all three fields, and developed the BRAVI method on the philosophy that they are all completely different. Being a great tattoo artist or permanent makeup technician does not mean being qualified to perform SMP. We perform corrective procedures on a disproportionate number of individuals who have received devastating results from otherwise competent tattoo artists/permanent makeup technicians who attempt SMP without specialized training and years of experience.


Why Is SMP Mischaracterized As Tattoo?

Two main reasons explain the mischaracterization of SMP as tattoo. First, the element in common between SMP and tattoo (permanent pigmentation in the skin) makes the two procedures seem the same at a superficial level. Lay audiences (including the media) are easily confused because of this.

The second reason is that there are many novice SMP practitioners out there who, in their advertising and marketing, are mischaracterizing SMP as tattoo. If you are considering SMP and see ads for “hair tattoo”, “scalp tattoo”, “or “head tattoo”, you should take our advice and RUN!




Bottom Line: Although Non-Experts Typically Confuse The Two Procedures…SMP Done Properly In Most Respects Is The OPPOSITE Of Tattoo.

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