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My Left Foot: Years Of Scalp Pigment Research & Development In The Flesh

My Left Foot: Years Of Scalp Pigment Research & Development In The Flesh

My Left Foot: Years Of Scalp Pigment Research & Development In The Flesh

(written by BRAVI Founder and SMP Pioneer, Amanda Mazzocchi)

I’ve never put my money where my mouth is.  My mouth, and barring that, my left foot, have always brought far more to the table than my money.

As have mentioned previously, I came into Scalp MicroPigmentation years ago, not for a quick dollar, but instead, to help a dear friend who had sustained hair loss and surgical trauma.  He, like so many hair loss sufferers, had been lied to repeatedly.

I determined years ago that if I was going to work in hair loss, I would never make any promises that I couldn’t keep.

How could I keep developing and improving, if I didn’t have a canvas to test with–other than the scalps of the people whom I sincerely wanted to help?  I was not prepared to let any hair loss sufferer be my guinea pig.

When I was recruited into Scalp MicroPigmentation in 2011, there was no textbook.  As a pioneer in a new industry, it was my role to write one.  Processes needed improvement and refinement.   I took on this challenge, determined to finally “do right by” these guys who had been lied to.

One can only gain technical expertise in SMP by spending thousands of hours actually performing SMP on every type of scalp, including those damaged by previous solutions.  Writing about SMP, marketing SMP, and selling SMP are not the same as actual technical SMP experience.

Similarly, the only way to improve SMP results is to constantly push the boundaries, and to systematically improve each aspect by trying new things.

Unfortunately, in SMP, in order to evaluate the variables over time, skin is required.  I’ve never been prepared to put a man’s scalp on the line to test each new advancement.  Instead, I’ve thrown my own skin into the game.  Literally.

I have been performing Scalp MicroPigmentation R & D on my left foot since 2011.  I have tested countless variations on pigments, compounds, carriers, additives, equipment, techniques, and so forth, in a well-documented series of tests.  I have literally pigmented and lasered my foot scores of times.   I have amassed albums of foot photo documentation over the years.

How can we make claims about BRAVI pigments? We’ve been testing them for YEARS.

What does this mean, other than the fact that I have a very strange-looking foot?

It means that when I make claims, I can stand behind them.  It means that long before I will use pigments, I have documented numerous their variables during healing and over time.  It means that I understand the effect of laser technology in conjunction with each variable.  It means that I take the well-being of my clients very seriously.  It means that I continue to refine and improve SMP processes on an ongoing basis. It means that I will never stop striving for “more excellent”.  It means that every aspect of every procedure at BRAVI has been carefully selected, culminating in the most advanced treatment available.  In short, it demonstrates my dedication to technical improvement—it means that I care, and that I have always been all-in.

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Some Kind Words

Differently the best company I’ve been to overall for my scalp. They are friendly and very knowledgeable on what they do.

– Ector B.

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Bravi is absolutely amazing! It has changed my life and renewed my confidence.

– Clayton R.

A Happy BRAVI Client!

To the entire staff at Bravi….I adore all of you! Some of the most wonderful and professional women I have ever worked with.

– Micky W.