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Want Great SMP Results? What Consumers Need To Know About Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training

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Want Great SMP Results? What Consumers Need To Know About Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training

Will YOUR SMP results look good?

That depends on the training of your Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner. Put another way:

Is Your Practitioner Properly Experienced And Trained In Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Over the last couple of years, I have watched the SMP industry catch on to one fact:

There Is Easier Money In “SMP Training” Than In Providing Actual Scalp MicroPigmentation Services.

Within the last 24 months, the world has witnessed

  • The rise of “independent, non-biased, expert SMP advice” blogs and review directories. The vast majority of these sites are authored by folks without ANY technical experience. They are being created by marketing services-for-hire to SMP providers. Marketing professionals are creating SMP Training for the trusting public with no technical expertise.
  • SMP schools opened globally with virtually no portfolio indicating experience. These schools provide 1-25 hours of hands-on SMP experience, taught by an “expert” who is likely to have fewer than 200 hours of actual Scalp MicroPigmentation experience. Tattoo and Permanent Cosmetics experience is NOT Scalp MicroPigmentation experience. They are not the same, and the assumption that they can be represented interchangeably has caused thousands of SMP Correction cases.

Multiple SMP Companies that have jumped on the SMP Training bandwagon because they have realized it is easy money. This has started a destructive and repetitive cycle of:

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training

One noteworthy example: 2015 saw the rapid expansion of an SMP company that was hatched in hotel rooms (after watching BRAVI’s Founder on Good Morning America) into a “100+ location company”. Within one year, this company became the single biggest contributor to BRAVI’s  laser SMP correction photo gallery. Here’s just one example:

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training

This client was treated by a large SMP Company whose Technician, with decades of Permanent Cosmetics Experience, was totally inexperienced with Scalp Micro Pigmentation. BRAVI restores a natural appearance after bad SMP Results through comfortable, effective Laser SMP Repair.

Because of this unparalleled dissatisfaction rate, this company’s demise occurred within only 18 months of their expansion.

How did this company grow to such a stature so quickly?

Answer: The greatest SMP Training catastrophe to date. For less than the cost of a procedure, anyone with or without pigmentation experience could send away for a training “kit”, which included their equipment and ONLINE training.

There was no provision in this expansion plan to include caring for the traumatized clients or the unsupported and helpless-feeling practitioners creating the bad SMP results. No practitioner of SMP goes into it with the goal of providing inferior SMP results, but without proper training and support, that is exactly what they get. Unhappy clients don’t just go away; poorly trained technicians cannot fix their bad SMP results. The company sank quickly, all the while continuing to produce inferior results.

At BRAVI, we have repaired the results of every major SMP Provider, and those of countless single practitioners. While we’ve seen and fixed just about everything, and it’s amazing that we can help, we hate to see hair loss sufferers taken advantage of and traumatized.

How was this SMP Training debacle able to gain visibility?  You guessed it—by purchasing some “independent, non-biased, expert” SMP Advice.

SMP takes far longer than days or even weeks to master. After nearly a decade of SMP experience and R & D, we still see scalp and dermatological factors that are challenging.   Thankfully, we have a large arsenal of medical expertise, knowledge, experience, and technology at our disposal.

Why will expansion through the training of individual SMP practitioners ultimately fail? They are missing the most important component of safe SMP Training…

Expert Supervision Required

Any company offering “SMP Training” is leaving out the most important element of safe training: Expert Supervision.

Individuals, regardless of their background, cannot safely become Master-Level SMP Technicians without direct expert supervision. Without expert supervision, SMP Technicians will, without exception, create collateral damage as they gain experience.

It takes many years to become a master electrician, however many DIY-ers dabble in wiring projects around their homes. Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. Changing a light switch is one-thing, but who do you want wiring the lights for your family swimming pool? An expert, right?  Why would you settle on anyone other than an expert to perform your SMP?

You deserve an expert Scalp MicroPigmentation result. You deserve a technician who has earned his/her stripes, not one who is just cutting their teeth on your procedure.

It takes hundreds of hours of direct experience with a myriad of skin types, ethnicities, and treatment histories to be able to properly customize each SMP treatment and produce the most natural results.   This type of training happens in-person and in real-time, over the course of months and years. There is no way to “package” or “stream” the kind of supervision that is needed to safely train technicians to multiple locations. There is also no curriculum that can fully prepare a technician in advance to correctly assess and customize SMP treatment in all instances. There is no substitute for expert guidance or as a technician learns mastery of pigment selection, implementation, hairline design, and more.

Is BRAVI on the fast track to expansion and global domination? No. We have one specialty clinic location because we are selective and have uncompromising standards. We are also the only SMP company with a proven SMP Training and Certification track as well as the added safety measures of medical oversight and laser technology. (Although BRAVI clients don’t need our laser, they’re glad to know we have it and we know how to use it.)

At BRAVI, we don’t provide “SMP Training”, nor will we ever do so.  We don’t believe in teaching practitioners enough to be dangerous, then cutting them loose with no supervision. This practice is exactly why we have so much SMP Repair work.

Rather, We Train Career BRAVI Technical Staff.

BRAVI’s Founder created the first ever SMP Training Program in 2011.  She was a pioneer then, and her standards have only become higher and more sophisticated. BRAVI is the only SMP Company with a proven curriculum and full safety measures built into technical career training protocols.

BRAVI technical training is rigorous. It includes hundreds of hours of on-site training, testing, certification, and highly-supervised hands-on experience. Many candidates don’t make it. Before any BRAVI Technician performs even the most basic of SMP Procedures, they are subjected to a lengthy training protocol that systematically and safely builds proficiency and expertise from the most basic to the most specialized of implementations.

As such, BRAVI clients are assured of a long-term hair loss solution with guaranteed results and affordable expert care and maintenance.

Slow and steady. BRAVI isn’t on the fast track to expansion and world domination. BRAVI is in this, with our clients, for the long haul. Guaranteed.

BRAVI does SMP right, and we will be here in the future, with integrity.

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Differently the best company I’ve been to overall for my scalp. They are friendly and very knowledgeable on what they do.

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Bravi is absolutely amazing! It has changed my life and renewed my confidence.

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To the entire staff at Bravi….I adore all of you! Some of the most wonderful and professional women I have ever worked with.

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