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What Is 3D Enhancement For Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)?

What Is 3D Enhancement For Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)?

Exceptions To Having To Shave Down, Post SMP:

Are There Some Cases Where Post-SMP Men Can Grow Out Their Hair A Bit More And Look Great?

YES…For These Cases, We Recommend BRAVI 3D SMP Enhancement. 

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction.

BRAVI 3D SMP Enhancement Defined:

BRAVI 3D SMP Enhancement is a special version of SMP Enhancement for men who have a diffuse thinning of existing hair allowing them to grow their hair out a bit longer than normal, post SMP.

Here are the factors that would enable you to grow your hair out a bit:

Atypical Loss Pattern.

This is a subset of men who do not follow the typical pattern of hair loss. A minor segment of the male population experiences a more “diffuse thinning”. These guys manage to keep a bit of hair everywhere on the scalp, with no empty patches. When there is still a fairly even distribution of texture, these SMP clients have more flexibility with hair length.

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction.

These physical attributes are necessary for men who want to grow their hair longer post-SMP.

Hair Transplants Can Sometimes Support 3D SMP

While you may not naturally fit into the follicular profile that supports 3D SMP, many individuals with previous hair transplants are candidates for SMP.  Even though hair transplant surgery will never restore full density (it simply relocates a dwindling supply), there are times that the diffuse texture provided surgically is enough to support SMP with longer hair.  SMP can provide the illusion of density, while the transplants provide the needed texture.  For more information on SMP/Transplant Combinations, please click here.  

Overall, when considering 3D SMP, here are a few things to understand:

An SMP Procedure On A Male Client Performed Through Hair Will Limit the Ability to Buzz Down Seamlessly.

If SMP is performed through grown out hair, the application cannot be as seamless and accurate as it is when performed at a buzzed down level.  In a typical SMP procedure, the technician has the ability to place replicated follicles precisely where they drop off in density.  At a grown out level, this level of precision is not possible.  The goal of 3D SMP is to match the scalp to the hue of the grown out surrounding density.  It should just be understood that if, in the future, the 3D client wishes to shave down, an enhancement will be in order to perfect blending lines, etc.  

3D SMP and Regular SMP are Different. 3D Will Require More Treatments. 

BRAVI 3D SMP is above and beyond a typical SMP procedure. BRAVI 3D SMP is never “one and done”.  The goal of a Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure is not to match areas of hair loss to areas of HAIR. It is to match areas of hair loss to areas of BUZZED hair. If the client meets the requirements for 3D SMP enhancement, then 3D SMP enhancement can be performed through properly trimmed hair.  Typically, more pigmentation will be required to match HAIR than buzzed down FOLLICLES.  This will require more treatment and more frequent enhancement to maintain.

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction.

3D SMP Enhancement goes beyond what can be expected of a standard SMP procedure.  It blends to grown stubble, not just buzzed-down follicles.

High And Tight Is Best.

If you are the exception and able to grow out your hair a bit post-SMP, it is still best to keep the textural and color impact of the thickest hair minimized. The goal is always balancing color, so meet your pigmentation halfway by keeping the dark areas tighter.

Concealing Hair Transplant Scars

In the case of hair transplant scars, buzz down as tightly as you can around them. Any hair growth around scars serves as a 3-dimensional frame of color and texture—drawing far more attention to the scar. It is counter-intuitive to want to shave down to hide scars, but this is exactly what is needed.

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction.

Diffuse thinning and a supported hairline allow some men to enjoy some flexibility with hair length through through BRAVI 3D SMP Enhancement.

Wondering if You’re a Candidate for 3D SMP?  Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with a BRAVI Expert to Learn About Your SMP Options.

Please explore our gallery of totally unedited 3D SMP photos to see examples of what is possible.

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