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ARTAS: the Ultimate Partner to BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction. The comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss - Based in Austin TX.

ARTAS: the Ultimate Partner to BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

In a nutshell, both Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and Hair Transplant Surgery have shortcomings, and—when performed by experts—advantages. Here are the basic shortcomings of both:  Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) does not grow texture.  Hair Transplant Surgery does not restore full density. 

Wonderfully, however, the reverse is also true. Expert Hair Transplant Surgery DOES grow texture and Expert Scalp MicroPigmentation DOES replicate full follicular density. As the established SMP industry leader, we have seen literally thousands of transplant scars.  As with all innovations, medical and otherwise, technology radically improves with time.  This has been true with hair restoration surgery just as it is true with Scalp MicroPigmentation.  With both, the importance of researching your provider cannot be overstated.

Over the past several years, we at BRAVI have seen, and repaired, the worst possible scalp results—both surgical and pigmentation cases.   While BRAVI is uniquely specialized in repairing the worst case scenario, we are also passionate about technical innovation and redefining and providing the finest hair restoration results available. BRAVI’s alliance with a leader in the surgical hair restoration community is essential in order to provide the most advanced treatment options to our clients.  After several successful
collaborative cases, we are proud to introduce BRAVI’s Medical Director, Dr. Paul Pearce of Texas Hair Restoration Center.

Paul Pearce, MD

Paul Pearce, MD

BRAVI Medical Director

BRAVI SMP + ARTAS FUE = the finest, most advanced hair restoration results possible.

BRAVI uniquely provides safe, medical-grade Scalp MicroPigmentation.  At a shaven-down level, BRAVI SMP is a complete, stand-alone procedure that totally conceals hair loss.

However, many hair loss patients have wished that they could benefit from the appearance of full density of BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation while still maintaining some degree of hair growth. This is what BRAVI defines as “3D Scalp MicroPigmentation”—the ability to grow hair with SMP.

Some men have a hair loss pattern that naturally lends itself to BRAVI 3D.  This pattern is a diffuse thinning with no areas that are completely devoid of texture as pictured here:

This BRAVI client had diffuse thinning with no areas devoid of follicular texture, making him an excellent candidate for BRAVI 3D SMP.

An expertly-applied 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation result can look incredibly realistic, and can replace messy, toxic powders and sprays to camouflage thinning hair.

TRUTH: Most Men are NOT naturally candidates for 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation or 3D Follicle Replication.

Most men lose hair in the typical Norwood loss pattern—where the hairline recedes backward and the crown loses its density.  Usually, without medical intervention, Mother Nature specifically targets certain zones, while leaving neighboring zones of the scalp fully-populated.  The color contrast between areas of hair loss and areas of full density is what makes hair loss visible.

Buzzing down with BRAVI is the easiest solution for concealing traditional Norwood-pattern hair loss. [/caption]

What is the easiest solution for Norwood guys?  Buzz down and get BRAVI.

Some guys don’t want to shave down.  

In order to be a candidate for BRAVI 3D, men must have at least SOME texture that supports their hairline and crown. While few men have this naturally-occurring, many men have texture from previous hair transplant surgery:

BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation supports texture from transplanted hair.

BRAVI 3D SMP can often support hair transplant results by creating the illusion of fuller surrounding density, as well as scar camouflage. Some guys want to have full flexibility.

For many, this is where ARTAS Robotic FUE comes in…

With BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation and ARTAS from Texas Hair Restoration Center, you can REGROW your frame OR buzz down with NO SCAR while maintaining the illusion of full density. With BRAVI SMP and ARTAS, the possibilities of Hair Restoration are redefined.

What is ARTAS?

Historically, hair that was transplanted was harvested from the donor area of the scalp manually through a variety of methods, the most recent being Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE), where a single follicle is harvested at a time, reducing the size and visibility of scars.

ARTAS Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction adds 3-Dimensional Texture with minimal scarring and superior results.[/caption]

However, it is the introduction of ARTAS—a specialized robotic device used for the extraction of grafts with unprecedented precision—providing virtually undetectable scarring, improved graft survival rates, and superior aesthetic results—that has opened up new frontiers for men with Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP).  This technology beautifully answers the “TEXTURE” part of the hair restoration equation without the downside of detectable transplant scars. BRAVI leads the Scalp MicroPigmentation industry as the only clinic with full-spectrum, state-of-the art, medical-grade SMP treatment.   As the leaders in SMP, it made sense to align with Texas Hair Restoration Center, the leaders in ARTAS Robotic FUE.

We are grateful and honored to have this opportunity to partner with the highest caliber of medical expertise and ethics. For more information on the most advanced 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation available, please contact us at 844.GO.BRAVI or request a FREE Consultation.

Dr. Pearce leads the surgical hair restoration community in technology and specialization. His  investment in the most advanced surgical technology available, the ARTAS iX, allows him to provide the best hair transplant results available.

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Differently the best company I’ve been to overall for my scalp. They are friendly and very knowledgeable on what they do.

– Ector B.

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Bravi is absolutely amazing! It has changed my life and renewed my confidence.

– Clayton R.

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To the entire staff at Bravi….I adore all of you! Some of the most wonderful and professional women I have ever worked with.

– Micky W.