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The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution Guide


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You’ve struggled with hair loss and you’re looking for a solution, but maybe it’s unclear why you’re losing your hair in the first place.



Discover the common reasons for hair loss, the myths, and what you can do about hair loss in The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution Guide:



Find out more about hair loss and solutions available in The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution Guide:

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You Will Learn


Common Myths About Hair Loss

From stress to hats, learn about the myths and false beliefs about hair loss.


The Real Reasons for Hair Loss

Learn about the real reasons for hair loss and the research behind it.


Typical Solutions for Hair Loss

Understand the typical solutions for hair loss, along with their pros and cons (many might surprise you!).

Do you know the common myths about hair loss?


I’m losing my hair because my life is so stressful.


I’m losing my hair and I wear a hat, they must be related.


I’m losing my hair because my mother’s father lost his hair.

Did you know that 20% of men in their 20s are affected by hair loss?

The percentage increases as men age with 30% of men affected in their 30s and nearly 50% of men affected in their 40s.

Do you suffer from hair loss?

Learn about the common treatments for hair loss


Hair Transplant Surgery


Topical Applications






Camouflage Products

PLUS – learn about another solution for hair loss –

Scalp MicroPigmentation

Hairline Restoration

If you suffer from male-pattern baldness, a receding hairline is a typical pattern. After losing your natural hairline, it can often feel like you’ve lost the frame for your face. It’s a critical piece to consider when reviewing options and solutions to hair loss.


If you’ve had hair transplant surgery and are looking for full density, SMP can help fill in your scalp for a natural appearance of full density.


The quality and color of the pigment will directly determine the result of your SMP. If your provider uses a lower quality pigment, the result could be a blue or green hue instead of the natural color you expect to see. It’s important to find the provider that offers tested and proven pigmentation.

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