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What is BRAVI 3D SMP? 

Short Answer:  It is SMP that supports hair grown out longer than “buzzed down”.

This type of Scalp MicroPigmentation will work for individuals who have

a)   Areas of the scalp that have diffuse thinning, AND

b)   No areas that are completely without density (no empty patches).  

 As realistic as SMP can be in mimicking hair follicles at a buzzed-down level, the process is still two-dimensional. 

Most men tend to lose their hair in the typical Norwood pattern of loss, where areas in the hairline and crown become completely empty while the back and sides remain dense.  Men who follow this loss pattern (nearly all men) are not great candidates for 3D SMP. 

To illustrate, if hair is grown out around a completely bald crown, no amount of SMP will make the two areas blend—their different textures are dimensionally obviously different.  The end result will be a darker-looking “bald spot”, for lack of a better description.  These men will need to wear their hair buzzed-down to conceal their hair loss with SMP.

However there are certain cases where hair can be grown out. 

Diffuse thinning in areas:  Many women and some men can experience thinning—but not total loss—in certain areas of the scalp.  With diffuse thinning, the loss will often show in less dense areas because the lighter-colored scalp will begin to show through darker-colored hair.   In these cases, BRAVI 3D SMP is an excellent solution. 

Surgically-Transplanted Density:  This is also true for individuals who, through hair transplant surgery, have some level of density across the entire scalp, even if it is surgically-relocated hair that lacks full density. 

BRAVI 3D uses pigmentation to reduce the contrast and visibility of the scalp in thinning areas.  The texture from the actual hair blends to surrounding areas dimensionally, while the SMP provides the illusion of full density by camouflaging the scalp.   

Not everyone is a candidate for 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation. 

Please schedule a free consultation—BRAVI experts are available to assess your scalp and to help you understand what your best SMP options are.

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