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Alopecia Client Photos

The Finest SMP Results + White Glove Service = Total Client Satisfaction

(100% No Photoshop, Genuine Results)

BRAVI is committed to improving the lives of Alopecia sufferers through unparalleled SMP results. At BRAVI, we have more experience in treating Alopecia with Scalp MicroPigmentation than any other SMP provider.

There are many kinds of Alopecia, and SMP is an excellent choice for treating many of these. At the same time, there are specific forms of Alopecia that can be aggravated by a pigmentation procedure, and it is critically important to seek the care of an expert with integrity. It takes experience for a provider to recognize when they can help, and when they should ethically refrain from treating the condition.

At BRAVI, we have worked with many physicians in many markets, and have successfully treated Alopecia Universalis, Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia, and a host of other conditions.

Alopecia can strike either gender at a very young age causing a loss of confidence and social alienation.

While typical male pattern baldness can be traumatic at any age, Alopecia often represents a far deeper dimension of stress. Because alopecia is a condition, sometimes idiopathic, rather than just a “sign of aging”, significant anxiety and pre-occupation related to this hair loss is common.

At BRAVI, we are sensitive to the unique needs of alopecia sufferers. We partner with our clients in mitigating the effects, visual and emotional, of these conditions. We understand that patterns of loss can change, and provide ongoing support to our clients to maintain coverage and satisfaction. Our experience in the full spectrum of pigmentation techniques allow us to customize the optimal treatment strategy for your specific situation.

BRAVI SMP has provided tremendous relief, boosted confidence, and undetectable coverage to many clients with a myriad of Alopecia conditions.

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