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When dealing with hair loss, isn’t it nice to have options?

One liberating aspect of BRAVI SMP is that our clients get to choose their hairline style.

At BRAVI, we know that one of the most polarizing topics for our guys is the “CRISPY VS. FEATHERED” debate. Our “crispy guys” shudder to think of having to display a soft, feathered line—and vice versa! No matter where you fall on this debate, BRAVI delivers!

“CRISPY” is the term we use to describe the clean-edged hairline that is typically created with the help of a pro barber.

While the density created by a BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure absolutely DOES look natural, a tight, straight-edged hairline is not supposed to appear exactly as nature placed it. A BRAVI “crispy” hairline implies: “I go to my barber to maintain this edge”. It reflects a deliberate style and grooming choice.

With nearly a decade of experience, and thousands of hairlines completed, BRAVI experts know well how to design and implement beautiful crispy hairlines. We say this confidently, as we have numerous pro barbers who have trusted us with their own hairlines!

Every hairline design begins with BRAVI staff listening to our client’s desired outcome. We work collaboratively and inclusively with you to make sure that your hairline—the SHOWPIECE—supports your vision.

There is established symmetry in facial and cranial structure which must be understood and considered when establishing hairline positioning. We use specialized surgical measuring instruments, combined with a keen eye and unrelenting perfectionism, to design and deliver the perfect frame for you.

Unclear on how you’d like your hairline to look? We can be trusted to advise and provide options that are in your best interest, keeping you looking sharp and professional.

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