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For many of our clients, their ideal SMP result includes a soft, jagged, “perfectly-imperfect” hairline—just the way nature makes them!

A soft, feathered hairline is one of the more advanced SMP techniques to master. While uniformity in spacing, depth, and appearance is the goal of SMP impressions over most the scalp, the feathered hairline cannot be accomplished with this same technique—the perfection of placement does not look natural in a hairline.

A soft, feathered hairline is accomplished by seamlessly transitioning density from perfect uniformity into a softened, randomized, natural-looking front border. At a shaven down level, a hairline on a scalp without hair loss features an irregular arrangement comprised of finer hair follicles. While hair in the back of the scalp is more coarse (and often groups of three, four, and five hairs), by contrast, a natural hairline features single, smaller, softer hairs.

At BRAVI, the soft and feathered hairline is one of our specialties. Hairline implementation, particularly those that are soft and feathered, are the result of specialized tools, compounds, and techniques.

In addition to our artistic implementation, correct placement is critical to hairline design. A beautifully-implemented hairline in the wrong location looks unnatural and obvious. Hairline styles are different among different ethnicities, hairline shapes are different among ethnicities and genders, and symmetry in facial and cranial structure need to be properly understood by your technician when establishing hairline positioning. Age should also be considered when designing your hairline with SMP.

With nearly a decade of experience, and thousands of hairlines completed, BRAVI experts can be trusted to advise and provide options that are in your best interest, keeping you looking natural and professional. We use surgical measuring instruments, combined with a keen eye and unrelenting perfectionism, to design and deliver the perfect frame for you.

Every hairline design begins with BRAVI staff listening to our client’s desired outcome. We work collaboratively and inclusively with you to make sure that your hairline—the SHOWPIECE—supports your vision.

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