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Only BRAVI addresses the unique demands of scar tissue as we treat hair loss and camouflage scars with specialized SMP. Hair Transplant Scar Tissue can be rough, raised and very visible. If you have hair transplant scars, your scalp has been through trauma. In the process of scar formation, fibrous tissue is formed and this quick healing interrupts the normal spongy collagen structure of the healthy tissue. This applies not only to your donor scar, but also to the transplant site–created through hundreds or thousands of tiny incisions.  BRAVI is the answer you have been looking for and can allow you to forget the trauma and your hair loss altogether. BRAVI’s proprietary, industry-leading scar concealment begins with an in-clinic Scar Pre-Treatment, prescription topical pharmaceuticals, and homecare products that prep the scar tissue for optimal results and retention.

Hair transplant surgeries, like most medical procedures, have evolved over time.  This evolution began with punch grafts, flap procedures, and scalp reductions, followed by FUT or strip scars.  The latest evolution is FUE or follicular unit extraction—the best of which are performed by ARTAS robotic FUE (please see BRAVI Blog for more in-depth information on Scar Concealment and Hair Transplant Surgery). 

BRAVI brings unparalleled experience in working with all types of scalp scars.  Over the course of a decade, we have seen and treated all types of scalp scars—including non-transplant scars—and our results are, hands-down, the best available. 

 Optimal scar concealment SMP is not instinctive.  Improperly treated with SMP, scars can become more obvious, not less.  Unfortunately, a significant segment of our laser correction clients are individuals who sought scar concealment with other SMP providers.  Thankfully, we can help these clients to repair the damage and ultimately achieve the scar concealment they desire.    

 BRAVI has helped countless clients to finally achieve the results they’ve desired—making the most out of transplanted texture with the density support and scar concealment of expertly-applied SMP. 

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