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SMP Correction Client Photos

The Finest SMP Results + White Glove Service = Total Client Satisfaction

(100% No Photoshop, Genuine Results)

BRAVI is the world’s premier Medical Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) Correction company.  What do we mean by “correction”?  When we say that we are the global destination for SMP correction, we mean that individuals who have gone to other providers for Scalp MicroPigmentation and received an unnatural or undesirable result travel from across the country and internationally for BRAVI to mitigate a very serious situation. 

Only BRAVI employs full medical oversight, prescription pharmaceuticals, and laser technology. We can safely and effectively remove pigment from the scalp. Our specialized processes allow us to remove or diffuse pigment as we apply SMP correction, creating realism that other SMP providers cannot achieve. 

It is unfortunate that by publicizing our miraculous repair work, it can erode confidence in Scalp MicroPigmentation in general—which is not our intention.  Done properly, SMP is the best hair loss solution available.  Correctly applied, SMP can conceal hair loss undetectably and boost confidence in a powerful way. 

However, as a public service, it is also important that the reality of industry practices be clarified, as we have seen so many individuals traumatized by obvious scalp tattoos. 

Countless Providers with Virtually NO Experts

As Scalp MicroPigmentation has exploded in popularity, so has the number of “providers”.  A good exercise for anyone considering SMP is to explore SMP training options.  Nearly 100% of training programs are five days or less.  Many programs are online and totally unsupervised.  Terrifyingly, for those who just think they “would probably be really good at SMP”, complete DIY kits for performing SMP from your home are available on Amazon. 

Many of the “leading SMP trainers” have fewer than five clients in their portfolios.  Why?  Sadly, there is more quick money in teaching a class of would-be providers than in providing services to a single client.  This gives all of the individuals involved enough to be a danger.  In most cases, SMP trainers haven’t been doing SMP long enough to see the ramifications of bad pigmentation over time. 

SMP requires artistry and experience that can only be safely developed over many months in a clinical environment with constant direct expert supervision.  Only BRAVI provides this level of training, guaranteeing the safety of our clients. 

The SMP Industry is NOT Regulated

In some jurisdictions, individuals performing SMP may be licensed as Tattoo Artists.  While this, at least, provides some level of protection in that licensed tattoo artists are typically required to pass blood borne pathogen safety certification, it needs to be understood that Tattoo and SMP are not the same, and that tattoo techniques applied to scalps have resulted in innumerable blue SMP results, applied with excessive depth that results in migration. 

At BRAVI, we take client safety to the highest level.  Our clinic is state-licensed as a medical facility, we are overseen by a physician, and our staff is certified through the most rigorous process available.   

BRAVI Pigment Stands the Test of Time

Nearly every “SMP Pigment” available is actually a tattoo ink that will turn blue or green. The pigment used isn’t scalp specific or formulated for colorfastness.  Even if the pigment looks natural after the procedure, it can fade into blue and green if it’s not scalp specific. To protect yourself, always ask for unedited photos taken months post-SMP or meet with an actual client to make sure the pigment the clinic uses is right for you. 

Only BRAVI uses scalp-specific pigment, rigorously-tested and custom-formulated for colorfastness, and proven over time.

At BRAVI, we can fix just about everything, but on a choice as important as Scalp MicroPigmentation, why not get it right the first time? 

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