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Featured BRAVI Client Video:


Mike has been shaving his head for years, and has hated it!  He carefully chose BRAVI because he wanted a hairline and a result that didn’t look “fake”.

Hear about Mike’s experience with BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation: Why he chose SMP, how he likes his results, and how his care has been with BRAVI.

Jason 4 Years Later

Jason says “Four years flew by and not one person has noticed that this isn’t my actual hairline.” A wonderful Client Video!

Meet Sebastien, International BRAVI Client

Sebastien lives in Canada. When he decided that Scalp MicroPigmentation was the best solution to deal with his hair loss, he carefully researched all of the SMP Providers, determined to get the best possible result. Despite the fact that numerous new SMP providers have taken root in Canada, Sebastien felt that results, not convenience, were king. He flew from Canada to Austin, Texas to receive the finest SMP results available at our BRAVI Specialty Clinic.

Hear about his experience and see his results.

Meet Brandon, BRAVI Client

Brandon dealt with hair loss for years. After moving to Austin, Texas, from Sacramento, California, he discovered Scalp MicroPigmentation as a hair loss solution. Further research convinced him that BRAVI was the source for the finest SMP results available.

Hear his experience with BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation. It not only changed his appearance…it changed his whole outlook!

Meet Jason, Another Happy BRAVI Client Video

Jason has dealt with hair loss for years. As an advertising professional in Austin, Texas, appearance is very important to him. Hear about his experience, including the reactions of those around him post-procedure.

Jason’s advice? “DON’T WAIT. You’re gonna love it!”

Meet Darius, Another Happy BRAVI Client Video

Darius is from San Antonio, Texas.  He is married, has a wife and a young child.  He is a weapons instructor for the US Air Force.  He is a bright and discerning leader.  He is also very visible in an environment where professional appearance is MANDATORY.

After carefully researching the Scalp MicroPigmentation Industry, he decided to trust BRAVI with his professional appearance.

Darius wanted a to restore the look of a “crispy”, tight-edged hairline–like he used to get at the barber.  His hope was that BRAVI could create this illusion, restore his facial frame, and take years off of his appearance.

He has not been disappointed…and is happy to give you the straight facts–including his follow-up care.

Hear from Darius, meet his family, and even hear from his wife, Kim!  After all…happy wife, happy life…

Hear about his experience with SMP.

As a weapons instructor for the US Air Force, a professional appearance is very important to Darius. He couldn’t risk receiving an unnatural-looking Scalp MicroPigmentation result. He carefully researched SMP providers, and traveled from San Antonio, Texas to BRAVI for the finest SMP results available.

Hear about BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation from him, AND his wife, Kim.

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"I'm finally seeing my hair as the redness leaves. It looks amazing I already feel more confident. In denial really as everything else I've tried has broke my heart, I keep thinking it's all going to fade away next week or something. But regardless I know I'm in good hands now. Thanks!"

– Satisfied BRAVI Client

"I hardly even think about my hair anymore it's been a real life changer so thank you Text received by the BRAVI Service Line from a BRAVI SMP client who had suffered for years with Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE)."

– Satisfied BRAVI Client