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Hair System Transition

Transitioning clients from a hair system to SMP is the most challenging and often, the most rewarding of all pigmentation specialties.

Challenging because of the scalp damage caused by extended hair system use, yet, rewarding because of the dramatic improvement in quality of life for men who truly suffer—socially, physically, emotionally, financially–from a hair system.

We don’t need to tell you why you want to escape from your Hair System. You already know…
Instead, let’s talk about why you can trust BRAVI to get you out as seamlessly as possible.

Reason 1) Technical Mastery
The transition out of a hair System has ZERO margin for error. BRAVI produces superior hair system transition results.
With BRAVI, you can confidently show that you’ve chosen to shave down as a style choice. In a society with so much stigma associated with hair systems, the transition can be high stakes indeed. At BRAVI, we understand and respect this pressure. We achieve superior results, and we will partner with you all the way through to a successful transition.

Reason 2) SMP Optimizing Treatments
BRAVI Sets you up for success with the latest generation in medical aesthetics offerings: System-to-SMP Scalp Preparation Treatments. An at-home preparation protocol will be prescribed that best meets your specific scalp needs. Included are all of the BRAVI HEADFIRST products required to prepare you for optimal SMP results. Properly preparing your scalp for SMP is not optional. These treatments are game changers in hair system transition SMP.

Reason 3) Maintenance
Following your procedure, you will be supported with premium, all-natural care products specially formulated to enhance scalp health and appearance.

Reason 4) Support And Service
Your pigmentation is guaranteed. With ongoing access to enhancements and technical support to handle any concerns, you will have the finest care available.

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BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction.

"I'm finally seeing my hair as the redness leaves. It looks amazing I already feel more confident. In denial really as everything else I've tried has broke my heart, I keep thinking it's all going to fade away next week or something. But regardless I know I'm in good hands now. Thanks!"

– Satisfied BRAVI Client

"I hardly even think about my hair anymore it's been a real life changer so thank you Text received by the BRAVI Service Line from a BRAVI SMP client who had suffered for years with Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE)."

– Satisfied BRAVI Client